The Hospital Bag List

You are probably wondering why I am posting this today. There are several hospital bag lists on the web. If you are anything like me, you looked at many lists including the one your own hospital provides and are still stressed out about what to pack.

I packed one duffel bag and it was full. This bag was for my baby and me. My husband packed his own bag the night before we had our baby! I definitely over packed, and I know what I will be taking if we have another baby. Here is my list. Remember that each hospital is different.

*Lip Balm- This is a must! You can’t drink water when you are in labor and you will be thankful for this. Your lips will get very dry! I was even grateful for my cherry flavor lip balm because it was something I could taste!

*Boppy Pillow- The nurses at my hospital told me not to use throughout my stay because of my C-section. I have heard of many women using it with C-sections, but they told me it would hurt. I think it’s a good idea to just keep this in your car and if you need it, have your partner go get it for you! That’s what I did! I use the Boppy Pillow all the time now, so it has definitely been put to good use even if I didn’t use it in the hospital.

*Breast Pump- I took a breastfeeding class and was told to bring my breast pump so they could help me learn how to use it. The nurses and lactation consultant told me to use the hospital pump. I ended up using their pump and it turned out be a lot nicer than my pump anyway. I wished I wouldn’t have packed it because it took up a lot of room in my bag. Once I used the hospital pump, I was able to figure out my own pump. They are all very similar.

*Pajamas- I packed two pairs of maternity pajamas. I ended up wearing the hospital gown for longer than planned because I wasn’t able to shower for 36 hours after the C-section. I didn’t want to put on clean pajamas until I was clean. My favorite pajamas had a top with buttons. I preferred this top because it was easy to breastfeed and do skin to skin with my son! The pants were also very loose and didn’t bother my scar.

*Robe- This came in handy to wear around the hospital gown. Also, I liked wearing a robe in the hallway when I went on a stroll with my baby!

*Slippers- I wore the socks provided by the hospital except for when I was in the hallway! Don’t buy anything fancy because you won’t be up and about that much!

*Maternity Underwear- I had read many blogs saying that they didn’t like the underwear that the hospital provides and to bring your own underwear. I personally never wore my own underwear in the hospital. You are given huge pads to wear and they don’t fit in normal underwear. The mesh underwear that the hospital provided was perfect. They were comfortable especially with the C-Section. I actually took some home and was sad when I ran out. They were the only underwear that didn’t hurt my stomach.

*Toiletries- I just brought travel sized toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and lotion. This is all I needed. I took two showers when I was at the hospital so I didn’t need a lot. I didn’t pack make-up. I don’t regret this choice! No one cares if you are wearing make-up, and I was more concerned about spending as much time with my baby as possible. I also packed a hairbrush and tooth brush.

*Nursing Bra- I had packed a regular nursing bra and two sleep nursing bras. The only bra I wore was the sleep bra. I didn’t even wear it until the last night because your milk doesn’t come in right away.

*Nursing Pads- Everyone told me that the nursing pads that the hospital provides are uncomfortable. I definitely brought too many of these because I didn’t use them until the last night.

*Baby book- Don’t forget your baby book! They will put your baby footprints in the book for you!

*Baby clothing- I brought my son’s going home outfit and hat as well as a swaddle blanket and another blanket that we used for pictures at the hospital. I also brought a nail file because I read that the baby’s nails would be sharp. I actually didn’t need to use this but it didn’t take up much space in my bag! The baby doesn’t need much but I wish I would had packed another cute hat for pictures!

*Going Home Outfit- Don’t forget to pack your own outfit to wear home. I had a hard time deciding what to pack for myself. I wanted to pack some loose fitting pants, but wasn’t sure which pants to pack. Most of my pants were tight fitting, but I was 40 weeks pregnant! I packed 4 different pairs of pants because I wasn’t sure which one would be the most comfortable. I ended up not wearing any of those pants. My mom went shopping the day I had my baby and picked me up a pair of loose fitting maternity pants. I am so glad she did because these pants were awesome. They were expensive but worth the price. They were the only pants I could wear for a while because of the C-Section.

Enjoy packing your bag. Try not to stress and remember that your baby will be here soon!

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