The Dreaded Postpartum Weight

I gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant. My mom once told me that she immediately went back to her pre-pregnancy clothes after she had her first child. So, I thought that would happen to me. I even had my husband pull out my winter clothes the week before I had my baby! I couldn’t wait to wear my clothes again. I was VERY wrong! Four months later, I am still not wearing all of my clothes. However, I am 5 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and starting to feel good about myself again.

After having a child, you are very busy being a mom and recovering from having a baby. When is there time to work out? My doctor told me I could only walk for the first six weeks after having a baby. Unfortunately, I had my baby in the middle of winter and I wasn’t able to get out as much as I would’ve liked. I actually gained weight after having a baby. I was really sad. Everyone told me that I just had a baby and I shouldn’t worry about it, but of course I worried. I wanted to feel good. My husband suggested that I tried a diet. He does the diet with me and it has been working for us. We follow a no sugar and no grain diet. We are rather strict with this diet throughout the week and cheat a little on the weekend. Basically, I eat a lot of meat and veggies. I eat some fruit such as berries. It’s important to know that fruit has natural sugar, so don’t over do it on fruit. Berries are really good for you, so I am constantly eating blue berries and raspberries.Check my blog for yummy recipes that my husband and I use on our diet! In addition to this diet, I drink a lot of water. This is essential if you want to lose weight.

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